Asimina triloba 'Atwood'

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The first variety introduced from the Kentucky State University breeding program, KSU-Atwood Pawpaw ™ ripens in mid- season and is prized for it incredibly heavy crops, 150 or more fruit per tree, and rich and delicious flavor. Atwood Pawpaw™ is the heaviest producing variety tested at the largest pawpaw germplasm repository in the world.  Fruits have a good, creamy texture, are sweet, yellow fleshed with a burst of tropical fruit flavor and fruity aroma. KSU Atwood also has better than average disease resistance. An excellent first release from the KSU program. A great addition to any pawpaw orchard or farm. 

Pollination Requirements: Plant two varieties or a combination of seedlings and varieties for cross-pollination. To obtain cross pollination you need more than one genetic strain. We recommend Asimina 'Sunflower'.

zone 5

H 15-20'