Plant Gallery

*Welcome to PLANT GALLERY where you can see some (but not all) of the plants that we sell at Yesterdays Garden. The rare one-of-a-kind plants sell quickly and are not easy to re-stock.*Check out our PLANT CATALOGUE for a more detailed list and please remember to email us to confirm availability before you come for that special plant that you are looking for.

RARE new arrivals: *Picea pungens Cascade Campfire*Quercus robur Timuki*Chamaecyparis nootka Sparkling Arrow*Picea abies Danylion*Acer palmatum Phantom Flame*Pinus aristata Lemon Frost*Fagus sylvatica Bicolor Sartini*Davidia involcrata Lady Sunshine*Metasequoia Dawes Tawny Fleece*Picea breweriana Inversa Form*Sciadopytis Typ Bohlje*Pinus strobus x ayachuite Forest Sky*Quercus cerris Aureomarmorata*Abies fargesii x homolepsis 

           Peony Sorbet

Cercis 'Pink Heartbreaker' 

weeping redbud branches hold lavender-pink flowers- 12' x 10'

Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls' 

dark, heart-shaped foliage- red-purple flowers on bare stems- 5-6'

Prunus sub. Snow Fountains weeping cherry- pink buds-snow-white single flowers  

Prunus serr. 'Kiku Shidare' 

weeping- pink double flowering cherry-  peeling coppery bark

           Peony Sorbet

 Chamaecyparis noot. Pendula

gently swooping, horizontal green branches with gracefully draping

  Amelanchier grandiflora                 Autumn Brilliance 

ornamental white flower- fall fruit 

Prunus Amanogawa 

columnar ornamental large pink semi-double flowering cherry

Salix matsudana Golden Curls 

 weeping willow- curling and twisting- golden yellow in winter 

           Peony Sorbet

Juniperus Pencil Point 

indispenable small narrow upright conifer-perfect pencil shape- 5’ x 1’

Vaccinium Duke   

highbush upright blueberry- proven hardy- fantastic taste- 8' x 8'

Vaccinium Elliot

vigorous highbush hardy blueberry- attractive clusters- 11'x6' 

.Prunus sub. Higan cherry 

double flowering pink umbrella effect if pruned or grow to 25’x 20’ 

           Peony Sorbet

Magnolia Cameo

tunning  fragrant triple pink/purple blooms- white inside

Mangolia Black Tulip

darkest most dramatic deep rich  burgundy/black blossoms

Calycanthus  Scentsational
exotic tropical looking native-  burgundy blooms

Aronia Low Scape

dainty white flowers- fall brilliant red- fruit dark purple/black

           Peony Sorbet

Thuopsis dolabrata Variegata 

lElkhorn- attractive creamy white 

Sambucus Aureavariegata 

upright bushy- white blossoms

Thuja occidentalis Primo 

unique upright- rock garden

Pinus unciniata Offenpass

 Spherical Swiss mountain pine  

           Peony Sorbet

Aronia Grow Low

tidy mound- dainty white flowers- fall red foliage 

Trillium erectum 

large vivid red single petals 

Acer palmatum Ariadne 

orange/pink - fall orange/red

Tsuga Burkitt's Dwarf

irregular upright- dark green  

           Peony Sorbet

 Iris pseudata Yarai 

 peach- deep purple veining 

Larix Blue Ball

stunning silver-blue- rock garden 

Viburnum plicatum Mariesii

 blossoms doublefile- fall red

Pinus parviflora Watnog

compact pyramidal- silver/blue  

           Peony Sorbet

Peony lactiflora Sorbet 

large fragrant triple pink blooms

Calycanthus Venus 

large fragrant magnolia-like white blooms = yellow/purple center

Stewartia rostrata Pink Satin

showcasing pale, shell pink flowers- ring of burgundy  bracts

Calylcanthus Hartlage Wine

Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society

           Peony Sorbet

Pinus sylvestris Laporum Rybrichka

gold needled form slower growing but not dwarf  

Disanthus cercidiphyllum Ena Nishiki 

rare-heart-shaped leaves- creamy variegated edge- fall vivid red &  purple 

Hydrangea paniculata Yuki  Gessho

wonderful variegated foliage-splashed  creamy petioles- white cones 

Hydrangea serrata Oamacha Nishiki

variegated foliage delveops red tinges- showy red stems- pink lace cap flowers

           Peony Sorbet

Pinus parviflora Tamino no Uki

striking, semi-dwarf-  distinctive  white new growth emerges from light-pink candles- tricolor effect

Halesia teptraptera Silver Splash

 showy reamy-white mottled leaves.- numerous delightful fragrant white bell flowers

Picea pungen Blue Pearl

dense globose dwarf conifer-tight bright blue foliage- prominent showy orange-brown buds. 

Clethra barbinervis Takeda Nishiki 

large upright shrub 10-20' tall- drooping, 4-6" long fragrant white flowers

 Excorda Snow Mountain

abundant large white blooms in spring- neat compact habit

Hellebore French Kiss  

white flowers lined with raspberry pink- earliest flowering perennial

 Berberis nana Aurea

stunning dwarf with bright yellow

-pale yellow flowers & red fruit

 Andropogon Black Hawk

 dark purple to near black leaves     -purple, flower like turkey feet

Acer sieboldianum Kumoi Nishiki

upright- leaves wdusted white turning various shades of orange- fall purple 

Fagus sylvatica Alsomarginata 

upright beech tree- green and white swirled into every leaf

Quercus cerris Argenteovariegata

rare- variegated turkey oak- white leaf margins- some leaves  cream-colored. 

Fagus sylvatica Aurea Pendula

weepingd dense crown- leaf:oval to ovate- undulate margind- golden yellow

 Coreopsis Berry Chiffon

compact, upright- white flowers 

-vibrant raspberry red eye.

 Eryngium Blue Hobbit

-purplish-blue flower- silver stems

ITOH Peony All that Jazz

frilly soft apricot-pink flowers- vivid red splashes and spots

 Deutzia Yuki Cherry

stunning racemes pink flowers with white overtones 

 Pinus parviflora Ara Kawa

dwarf upright-  rough bark- blue green fluffy needles with a twist

Quercus rubra Greg's Variegated

rare variegated red oak selection by plantsman Greg Williams 

Ribes nigrum Magnus

masses dark purple to black fruits- loads of vitamin C

Quercus rubur Timuki

rare purple leaved discovered in Lithuania- fall purple/red

 Corydalis Blue Heron

Dark gentian-blue flowers- red stems- golden foliage

Wisteria Aunt Dee

 cascading lilac purple flowers from spring through summer

Heliopsis Bleeding Hearts

red lowers turn orange red on stunning dark foliage

Hosta Orange Marmalade

Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society 

 Pinus parviflora Oculus Draconis

upright form- varigated needles

 Sambucus nigra Black Tower 

upright cut leaf- pink flowers

 Pinus parviflora Kinpo

twisted clumps- dwarf blue/green 

 Lilium Scheherazade

8-10" deep crimson blooms- H-4'  

 Acer campestre Carnival

eye-catching white/green leaves emerge with a blush of pink

 Clematis New Love 

fragrant indigo blooms- slender, reflexed petals- bush form

 Echinacea Green Envy

mint green develops pale purple near the center 

 Chionanthus virginicus

delicate clouds of fragrant white flowers- fall blue droops

Pinus Himeko Janome

wildly variegated bright gold on blue/green needles 

Hellebore First Dance

tlarge double yellow flowers-  maroon picotee edge and veining

Pinus mugo Valley Cushion

compact dense flat- red new buds- short green needles- rock garden 

Pinus parviflora Akai ashi goyo

brigpyramidal silver-blue dwarf-   fall burnt orange/burgundy

(blue barberry)- Award of Garden Merit- Royal Horticultural Society- amazing plant

Iris siberica Pink Parfait

stunning pink double blooms.  resembling a rose with ruffled petals

Picea pseudowilsonii var. Wilson 

introduced by E.H Wilson- flakey grey/brown bark- brown buds

Chamaecyparis obtusa Aurora  

dense rich greenish yellow foliage

Berberis temolaica

(blue barberry)- Award of Garden Merit- Royal Horticultural Society- amazing plant

Lilium Martagon

turk' cap- one of the most charming lilies- leaves form whorls along the length of the stem.

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis    Sparkling Arrow

narrow, upright, strict-weeping cypress- white splashed foliage

Buddleia Buzz Lavender

ewonderful rich violet-lilac flowers with an orange eye- excellent for containers

Pinus koraiensis Oculis Draconis 

rare- bright green/yellow bands- upright/graceful dragon eye pine

Iris Black Gamecock

iaward-winning-  striking huge velvety deep purple bloom

Hemerocallis Masque Moon

large white trumpets- yellow throats

Abies koreana Silberswerg

miniature silver green ball- smal closely packed needles on stems

Stewartia  Silver Seedling 

RARE-pewter foliage- camellia-like blossoms- exfoliating bark

ITOH Peony Peppermint Patti

twisted, fluted white petals-unusual red streaks- splotched flares.

Abies procera glauca Prostrata

RARELY offered- AMAZING steel blue needles- flat growing

Hosta Hands Up

 upright mound of twisted foliage-defined cream margin

Picea abies Dandylion

abundant red/purple cones- lime foliage- standout in the garden

Betula pendula Crimson Frost

upright narrow- red/purple foliage- exfoliating cinnamon/white bark

Viburnum lantana Variegata

 delicate star shaped  flowers bloom in 7-branched clusters.

Picea pungens Lantern Fire

exciting new introduction- new growth flourescent yellow  

Cornus kousa Summer Fun

white flower bracts- fall radiant red, orange and pink leaves

 Iris siberica How Audacious

  intense violet white veining and yellow centres- ruffled falls

picea  omorkia Omaston 

 tight dwarf-unique needles  juvenile appearance- rock garden

Davidia involucrata Dahlia

Rare variegated dove tree- spectacular large  white bracts

Pinus leucodermis Irish Bell

 dwarf compact Bosnian Pine- handsome broad pyramidal

 Viburnum tomenstum Mariesii

horizontal branching- white lace-cap blossoms doublefile - fall red 

Pinus mugo Carsten’s Winter Gold

 prized foliage- special dwarf- slower-growing- rock garden

Pinus mugo Fish Hook

curious irregular globe- needles with a hooked tip- rock garden

ITOH Gordon Simonson 

blooms 2x' size of other ITOH peonies..Fragrant double purple

Geum triflorum Prairie Smoke 

distinctive prairie wildflower with irresistible pink feathery seed heads

Cornus kousa Scarlet Fire 

deep pink bloom, red fruit & fire red fall foliage 

Parrotia Persian Spire

exceptional shiny foliage edged in deep purple 

 Pyrus salicifolia Pendula 

willow-like, narrow, silver-gray leaves

 ITOH Peony Cora Louise

flushed lavender to purple petals at their heart

Corylus Burgundy Lace 

serrated foliage emerges wine red from burgundy buds- red nuts  

Hypericum Magical Midnight 

abundant star-shaped blazing yellow flowers- cherry-red berries- 

ITOH Creme de Soliel

large, fully double peachy-cream flowers with soft hint of amber.

Cornus kousa Akatsuki

variegated foliage,- impressive  flowers- fall foliage  rich purple

 Liriodendron tulipifera

tattractive tulip-like yellow flowers-
 leaves golden yellow in fall.

Peony Green Halo 

isingle apricot flowers, adorned with lovely rosy pink undersides

Gingko biloba Spring Grove  

dwarf compact sturdy form of witch's broom- leaves a emerge in clusters resembling rosettes 

Acer sieboldianum 
Shorya no Tsume

claw of the dragon full moon Japanese maple

Heptacodium Temple Bloom

seven-son flower- sepals develop   deeper red color.- blooms earlier than other Heptacodium

Salix gracilistyla Mount Aso

profusion of fuzzy rosy-pink catkins turn silvery gray- then covered in yellow pollen

Euonymus Wolong Ghost  

spreading mat-forming- narrow dark green- prominent pale veins

Pinus bungeana Silver Ghost

lacebark exhibits more white & light grays than the species

Philadelphus Illuminati Tower

narrow columnar- unique 4-sided  tower- white fragrant flowers

Sambucus nigra Black Tower

narrow upright black foliage & bright pink flowers- red berries

 Cornus florida Pringlei

unique floral bracts form a cage-like structure

Hakonechloa Solar Flare

lacebark pine- bark exhibits more white & light grays than the species

Gleditsia Ruby Lace

 unique four-sided "tower"- hundreds white fragrant flowers

Peony lactiflora White Cap 

narrow upright black foliage & bright pink flowers- red berries

Larix laricina Blue Sparkler

bright blue needles displayed in tight circles like a blue sparkler 

Decaisnea fargeseii

bold pinnate divided leaves tinged blue in spring- fall yellow- blue sausage-like fruit

Hamamelis Strawberries & Cream

yellow ribbon-like, crinkled petals delicately tinted soft red at bases.

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata Elegans

variegated foliage & beautiful porcelain-like blue berries

Corylus avellana Red Dragon

purple  catkins- rich dark burgundy leaves- contorted branches- a landscaping show-stopper

Cornus alternifolia Golden Shadows

distinctive horizontal branching- variegated leaves- white blossoms

Cercis canadensis Lavender Twist

cascading branches- heart-shaped leaves- deep pink flowers.

Chamaecyparis pisifera Devon Cream

compact creamy white  foliage-  compact, conical conifer

Clematis Vacouver Fragrant Star

white star shaped 6-8″ flowers- striking red tipped stamens

Carpinus betula follis
Argenteo-variegata Pendula 

rare weeping framework with creamy-white splashed foliage

Clematis rubromarginata

small white fragrant blooms-  rose  lilac margins= July to September bloom- viforous

Callicarpa Amethyst 

spring lavender flowers- fall shiny purple berries- elegant arching stems.

Clematis Polish Spirit

3" velvety, rich violet-purple flowers- blooming midsummer to early fall

Actinidia kolomikta

hardy kiwi- variegated heart shaped leaf- fragrant- greenish/white flowers

Abies korana Ice Breaker

highly sought after- needles rrecurve- bright white underside of green needle

Callicarpa Amethyst 

spring lavender flowers- fall shiny purple berries- elegant arching stems.

Clematis Avante Guard

3" velvety, rich violet-purple flowers- blooming midsummer to early fall

Actinidia kolomikta

hardy kiwi- variegated heart shaped leaf- tiny slightly fragrant greenish/white flowers

Abies korana Ice Breaker

highly sought after- needles rrecurve- exposing bright white, waxy underside of green needle.

Viburnum plicatum tomentosum Molly Schroeder 

outstanding pink flowering-   horizontal branching.