Dave & Helene Castelli

Dear Ron and Karen

I want to thank you for the wonderful deck, walkway and gardens you built for me this year.

I appreciate good workmanship and design, but Ron you are not good; you are excellent!


Your attention to detail and co-operation throughout construction went above and beyone.

Karen, You dazzled me with your knowledge of all that is unique and beautiful in the plant world! You have an innate ability to co-ordinate colours and types of plants to produce the grand scheme that added the finishing touches to the entire project.

Karen Reutz

Where does one begin to talk about how wonderful Ron and Karen Charron are!!

Garden CustomerI have been a customer at Yesterdays Garden for several years now. I keep going back because of Karen and the amazing selection of rare and unique plants that no other garden centre carries!! Karen’s extensive knowledge of every single, plant, tree or shrub is astonishing! No matter what plant you ask her about she passionately explains to you in great detail their names, growing habits and description of them. It is very nice that you can go to their garden centre and you have someone who knows and understands everything there is to know about gardening and landscaping.

Rachel Thompson


As a landscape designer residing and working in Bruce County, I consider myself so fortunate to have Yesterdays Garden as a resource to work with.

Karen Charron is a passionate plants woman with an eye for rare, unusual, exotic plant material that is hardy to our climate.

Yesterdays Garden offers an incredible selection of plants that I have not found anywhere else and they are able to source hard to find plants that I request for my garden designs. thompson03

Their huge selection of dwarf and semi dwarf conifers & trees offering four seasons of interest to your garden, provide the opportunity to design with multiple living sculptures in mind. The inspiring display gardens are a great way to show my clients maturing specimens and their dynamic combinations.

Rachel Thompson
Kincardine, ON

Trish Wilson

wilson01Dear Yesterdays Garden


The garden shed you built us is much admired.

A woman cycling past called  out: “Don't you dare tell me you are going to use that adorable building as any kind of  work building. If you do, I am going to dismantle it piece by piece and carry it over to my place!”

wilson02My neighbour Jim arrived next: “I love this building!” he started shouting. “I love the windows! I love the walk-through! And I like the new front step design for your house so much it's got me thinking I should do one with a roof for mine too.”

We are delighted with the way the project has turned out and how both it and the new landscaping enhance the property.

wilson03Thank you Ron and Karen for your patience in helping us arrive at the design, the attention to  detail, the quality workmanship and unfailing good humour and  professionalism.

Trish Wilson
Port Elgin, On


Kim and Hans


Ron and Karen delivered a landscaping project on time and within the quote as promised. We are very pleased withthe results.  They worked to deliver what I requested - even going so far as to carry around one of the stones to get perfect colour match.The deck that Ron built couldn't be better. We have received lots of compliments. I would trust them to do a great job!


Kim and Hans

Flesherton, ON

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Brandi Frazier & Matt Lowry


My fiancé and I enlisted the services of Yesterdays Garden in preparation for our wedding in July, 2011.  frazier01We had 20 people traveling from Australia and wanted to host a meet-and-greet for the Aussies and the Canucks.

We pictured a backyard gathering however our home and yard is almost 100 years old and has had a few owners so we were in need of help to clean it up and make it worthy of such a momentous occasion!

frazier03Karen and Ron put us at ease from the first email until they planted the last annual. They installed a beautiful water feature, a large stone patio and soft gardens around the perimeter of our home.

The entertaining space looks polished and inviting and was built with skill so that we can look forward to years of enjoyment.

The best part? It's low maintenance!

Thanks Karen and Ron.


Brandi Frazier & Matt Lowry

Hamilton, ON


Christine Foy

Foy02Karen did an amazing job restoring my country garden to its former glory.  Her emphasis on using native plants that required little maintenance was a perfect fit for a second residence.  The job was done in record time and with a high degree of professionalism which provided stunning results.  



Christine Foy

Beaver Valley, On

The Holleys

holley01When we decided to have Yesterdays Gardens build us a sunshade and replace our existing patio, we did not have a concrete plan.  Ron Charron kept suggesting different ideas and ways that would work until we hit on a perfect plan for our landscaping.

It is on the North side of our house and it protects us from the hot afternoon sun. It is a pleasure to be out there now whether for relaxing or eating, and we have received a lot of compliments from friends.

holley02Thanks for all the love and care put into our outside room; gazebo, brick patio with retaining wall & clothesline stoop. 
It was a pleasure working with the Charron family!

The Holleys

Pamela Gold

Karen and Ron and all their crew were great to work with!

Karen was very knowledgeable in her selection of plant materials and Ron really can accomplish whatever is needed.

20130910 182401They were always open to ideas and feedback, and were very meticulous in their attention to detail.

The final result is exactly what I wanted!

Thanks Ron and Karen!

Pamela Gold

20130910 184554





Abby Guy

GuyWe just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we have enjoyed our beautiful deck & fence this summer!

We have spent many mornings out there drinking coffee, and many evenings for supper.

We really appreciate the exceptional design and construction of all the work you did!

Abby Guy
Walkerton, ON

Younglai Family


“It has been a great pleasure to work with Karen and Ron. They were very attentive to our wishes of ‘less is more’, were open to suggestions, incorporated these suggestions in their design and readily answered any questions we had.  


We cannot praise Karen, Ron, Chris and Caleb enough for their absolutely stunning workmanship. The gardens both front and back are so peaceful, calming and a joy to behold. Most of all, they are extremely low maintenance, four season gardens. We are deeply grateful to ‘Yesterdays Garden’ for a job well-done.”They were extremely dependable and reliable and went out of their way to deliver as promised. We had complete faith in their choices and trusted their judgment explicitly. We valued their honesty, punctuality and expediency. They are passionate about their work as landscapers.


Younglai Family
Burlington, Ontario

Marion Stewart

"When we first met with Karen and Ron, we told them that we were starting our landscaping from scratch and just wanted to look. Karen encouraged us to begin with a starter plan that we could add to as our gardens matured. She provided us with our plan and our beautiful gardens have evolved from there. What an exciting beginning!countrycottage3

The plan has helped us to stay focused on working in specific areas of the garden and helped us to keep from becoming overwhelmed with the work set before us. Great advise when you are working with developing gardens for a large property.

We reviewed the plan that Karen presented, went over the costs, how to phase in all of our desires and then set a date to get started. We appreciated that Yesterdays Garden was able to provide us with as much or as little help as we needed at different stages of the property’s development. We wanted to do the labour ourselves & both Karen & Ron worked as consultants for us. We particularly appreciated their knowledge of plant material as there were so many unique planting situations on our property that required plants with specific requirements.

The day the plants arrived was unforgettable – they just kept coming!

Ron helped with sighting them for us and we went to it. He recommended heavy mulching with our very dry summers & we have managed to keep everything alive and flourishing in our many diverse gardens. We have exciting plants for the different areas and one of the most spectacular ornamental grass berms in our area!

We highly recommend their expertise and their exceptional plant material."

Marion Stewart

Thornbury, Ontario

The Dixon Family

"Our relationship with ‘Yesterdays Garden’ has been one of the most educational and rewarding experiences. yg3Not only have they assisted us in our landscaping, planting and choice of various outstanding trees and plants, but they have been encouraging throughout the whole transition from the planning and implementation stages of planting and following up. In June of 2004, Ron put in our plantings with Karen’s amazing direction, and since that time, they have been as interested in our project as we have.

t11Their enthusiasm towards our project made us feel quite special and any doubts or qualms were easily addressed and sorted out.  Our project was a large task, and even though it seemed somewhat daunting initially, the landscaping was completed to our great satisfaction. We continue to respect Karen’s knowledge of the plant world and her ability to obtain great specimens no one else seems to be able to find. Our conifer garden has grown into quiet the conversation piece in our neighbourhood and we are very proud and pleased to be asked to provide a reference."

Yours truly,

The Dixon Family

Ancaster, Ontario

The Trudell Family

"As we tried to plan our garden we became increasingly disappointed in the narrow range of standard nursery stock available.

Lured by the roadside sign offering "rare and different" plants we checked out Yesterdays Garden.

We were impressed with the varieties of plants, but even more so, with Karen's knowledge and love of her plants. 

Long story short, we contracted them for our garden plan, plants and planting and the result is better than we ever could have imagined.

We asked for a low maintenance garden featuring bushes & evergreens with a punch of perennial colour. The result is a mosaic of greens, burgundies & golds in so many different sizes and textures.

trudell02The garden is only in its second summer but already it is dramatic.

Working with Karen & Ron was a pleasure in itself from the planning through the digging and also the follow-up, including spring replacement of plants which did not make the first year, answering my numerous questions regarding maintenance, growth habits and other specific needs (eg. a vine for a trellis in the sun, privacy hedge...) and in prompt phone or email replies.

We would do it again in an instant!"


The Trudell Family

Markdale, Ontario

The Kelm Family

"My husband and I built a new home recently and had a blank slate on which to create our gardens. kelm01We asked Yesterday's Garden to help with our wish to create sod - free, low maintenance gardens. Karen took the time to work with me to establish our likes and dislikes regarding plant types and colours and has a wealth of plant knowledge which helped to steer us away from plants that would not fit our criteria. She also advised us on the important aspect of working to create correct soil conditions, to ensure successful plant growth.

Karen and Ron delivered healthy, strong plants and Ron worked diligently and knowledgeably to set the plants into the ground in a pleasing landscape. All of our plants were delivered in the Fall and all flourished through the winter.


We are looking forward to again working with Yesterday's Garden in 2007, to create our side and rear gardens. We are confident of receiving the same meticulous attention to detail, knowledgeable advice, and excellent results.

We do not hesitate to recommend Yesterday's Garden for help with any gardening project, from very small to very large and encourage a visit to their lovely garden nursery in Hanover."


The Kelm Family

St. Thomas, Ontario

Rachel Lawrence

"This year was the second time I entrusted my new home’s front garden to the expertise of Karen Charron. Her extensive knowledge of plants (and I mean every plant you can name) is incredible!lawrence01

We worked together to determine what I was looking for in an all-season garden and Karen went the extra mile to ensure that the chosen cultivars were nothing less than spectacular in colour, texture and heartiness. She planned the placement of each specimen based on how it will look once mature and was sure to incorporate all my preferences.

Each of the items delivered were strong and healthy.

Karen offered expert advice which put me at ease; I trusted her completely to make my garden a true piece of art and the talk of the street!"

Rachel Lawrence

St. Thomas, On.